ICM Marketing Group

March 23, 2009

ICM Marketing Group

ICM Marketing Group is one of the leaders in the Timeshare Resale Market and we provide excellent service to timeshare owners around the world. If you are thinking of selling your timeshare property that you no longer use or are looking to buy that dream vacation spot then we can help.

* Why pay retail? Pay wholesale.
* Buy the vacation of your dreams for pennies on the dollar.
* Rent from Current Timeshare owners as a way to travel in luxury at better than hotel prices.

We have beautiful and exciting resorts around the world and are experienced with all types of properties. ICM Marketing Group is confident that we can find just what you’re looking for whether it’s a relaxing getaway or something fun for the whole family. Our marketing solutions are designed to give thousands of travelers an opportunity to have the best vacation accommodations. Our clientele has the option of choosing to stay in a luxurious timeshare resort for one vacation or purchasing the week at that location year after year for future vacations, family, and friends. Whether you want to buy a timeshare, sell, or rent a timeshare, we make it easy! Our unique timeshare resale marketing system simplifies everything from beginning to end.

Come check us out, for Five Star Resorts at a Fraction of the cost ——> ICM Marketing Group Inc

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